Saturday, October 22, 2011

Expanse of intelligent space and fascinate the opportunity

It's been a while since my last post on November 4 2010. I have been busy preparing myself to pursuit my Master degree in London. Today, here I'm in London looking for a bigger opportunity and exposing myself in educational and professional industries. I know it's a quite tough for beginner and new person like me living in heart of UK and Europe country. For me, It's doesn't matter how big the challenge, Insya'Allah everything will be all right and Allah s.w.t always be with me. Any Londoner or European designers want to collaborate work projects with me are most welcome. I have a capability to cover all range of design disciplines and execute the projects on time with high quality of works. The picture up there are my previous works in Malaysia and I will update my other works as soon I have free time. Thank you.

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君子之风 said...

Awesome!! I really like your posting! you had inspired me a lot on Interior Design concept, I like your senses of the Color tone and the lighting...... so comfort when I looking on it!